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The livestock market in the Philippines is showing positive growth. ILDEX Philippines showed the excellence of the show with the exciting announcement of its upcoming 2024 edition!

ILDEX Philippines 2023: The Premier International Livestock Exhibition in the Philippines, powered by VIV worldwide

VNU Asia Pacific joins forces with DeltaMan and launches ILDEX Philippines in co-location with the Philippines Poultry Show in Manila in June 2023

VNU Asia Pacific, the organizer of ILDEX Exhibitions, is entering the Philippines. After organising ILDEX Vietnam and ILDEX Indonesia for nearly 20 years, VNU Asia Pacific announces a new show “ILDEX Philippines” in co-location with “the Philippines Poultry Show” scheduled from 7-9 June 2023 at SMX Convention Center Manila, Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing emerging markets, and the 3rd largest economy in Southeast Asia by nominal GDP, following Thailand and Indonesia. The Philippines is primarily considered a newly industrialized country, with an economy transitioning from one based on agriculture to one based more on services and manufacturing.

In 2021, the value of production in the livestock industry in the Philippines amounted to approximately 252.11 billion Philippine pesos, which was a decrease compared to the previous year’s total. On the other hand, a bright future for the Philippines poultry industry is indicated by a 4% increase in chicken egg output in 2020 compared to the previous year – from 583,234 MT to 605,78 MT. The country’s chicken layer population expanded by 4.19% from 41.202 million birds to 42.928 million. Consequently, the Philippines livestock market also has great potential for growth, and the exhibition is a chance to expand business opportunities in this country.

VNU opens a new gateway to reach the Philippines market

“VNU Asia Pacific held the initial investor meetings project in 2019 in Manila, but due to the pandemic, the development of the project was slowed. ILDEX Philippines 2023 will reflect the market’s high levels of demand and opportunities for the players entering the market, and ILDEX Philippines will be part of the VIV worldwide portfolio” said Ms.Panadda Kongma, Director of Agribusiness and Operations, VNU Asia Pacific.

“ILDEX has had great success in Vietnam and Indonesia over the past 20 years. In 2023, we are super excited to bring the ILDEX brand to a new destination, the Philippines, a dynamic market with great potential for the livestock industry. Our partner, the Philippines Poultry Show, already had established a solid base in the poultry sector over the past 10 years, and ILDEX will be adding more elements including swine, dairy, aquaculture etc. to this platform. We look forward to a successful partnership with the Philippines Poultry Show.” Mr. Kevin Zhao Bo, Project Manager of ILDEX Vietnam & Philippines, VNU Asia Pacific added

Deltaman kicks off the Philippines Poultry Show alongside ILDEX Philippines

Over the years, the Philippines Poultry Show has not only grown bigger in size, but is also becoming even better in terms of features and exhibits. So much so that it has become a much-awaited event for poultry industry stockholders, exhibitors and the general public. Together with our new partner VNU Asia Pacific, we promise a world-class trade show & exhibition.

The Philippines Poultry show in co-location with the 1st edition of ILDEX Philippines 2023 will be held from 7-9 June 2023 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Philippines, organized by Delta Man and VNU Asia Pacific.

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