Front Stage

10.00 Opening Ceremony
10:00 Opening Prayer Dr. Nielbert De Leon
Board of Director
10:05 National Anthem
10:07 Welcome message Mr. Jose Gerardo Feliciano
Exhibit Chairman, Philippine Poultry Show and ILDEX 2023
10:10 Welcome message Mr. Igor Palka
Managing Director, VNU Asia Pacific
10:15 Recognition and Introduction to Keynote Speaker 1 Gregorio A. San Diego Jr.
Chairman, PPS and ILDEX 2023
10:20 Speech of Keynote Speaker 1 Senator Imee Marcos
Philippine Senate
10:30 Recognition and Introduction to Keynote Speaker 2 Atty. Jose Elias M. Inciong
President, UBRA
10:35 Speech of Keynote Speaker 2 Senator Cynthia Villar
Chairman, Senate Committee on Agriculture

VIP Lounge Hallway

15:00 Advantage of Phytogenic Growth Promoters in Present Scenario Sunil Saxena
General Manager, Biozene
17:00 An Approach to Alternative Strategies to Control Avian Coccidiosis and Necrotic Eneteritis
(Exclusive for UNAHCO Farm Clients)
Andrew Jackson & Richard Chong

VIP Lounge Hallway

13:00 Optimizing Water Systems for Broiler Breeders: Debunking Myths and Getting Better Results Using Bird Physiology Chenwei Ji
Account Manager for Asia Pacific, Ziggity
15:00 Proteon Technical Seminar: The Use of Bacteriophages in Poultry Production and Aquaculture Dr. Rafał Kędzia
Techno-Commercial Manager, Proteon Pharmaceuticals
16:00 Celitron Technical Seminar: Green Technology for Chicken Waste Rendering System Levente Bakos
Engineering Manager, Romarco/Celitron Ltd.
17:00 Discussion on Newcastle Disease and Inclusion Body Hepatitis Dr. Teguh Prajitno, PhD.

Meeting Room 7&8

11:00 Industry Updates, AI Forum Ease of Doing Business with LGU Executives:
Focus Group Discussion
(By Invitation Ony)
Organizers, LGU’s, DA, BAI, and PCPP
13:00 Broiler Industry Updates Atty. Elias Jose M. Inciong
President, UBRA
13:25 Indonesian Journey on Avian Influenza Vaccines Dr. Teguh Prajitno, PhD.
14:00 Presentation on Issues (LGU Experiences by Poultry Farmers) Dr. Nielbert de Leon
Director UBRA
14:30 Open Forum DA, DILG, BAI, and PCPP
15:00 Summary & Synthesis

Meeting Room 4-6

15:00 Outlook in the Philippine Feed Milling Industry Mr. Edwin C. Mapanao President, Philippine Association of Feed Millers, Inc.

Conference Highlight


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